Porsche West London

Seamless Tiling Solutions for Porsche West London refurbishment

The project

Overcoming Technical Challenges

In a prestigious collaboration, Trimline was contracted to supply tiling materials for the refurbishment and extension of Porsche’s West End showroom. The ambitious project aimed to include new sales and after-sales spaces, along with the addition of an MOT testing facility. Initially tasked with providing Mapei grout and Mapei self-levelling compound, Trimline’s impressive performance led to an expanded role that encompassed the supply of Atrim tiling movement joints, Mapei tile adhesives, and various other essential products. The customer’s preference for a single solution provider for all tiling needs underscores Trimline’s reputation for seamless service and unrivalled expertise

One of the main technical challenges encountered during the project involved the use of a calcium sulphate screed, onto which the tiles needed to be fixed. This presented a unique set of complexities and required adhering to British standards for the tiling process. Understanding the significance of proper tiling practices in ensuring the project’s success, Trimline’s in-house technical expertise came to the forefront. By leveraging their vast knowledge and experience, Trimline efficiently devised a tailored solution that flawlessly adhered to the strict standards and allowed for a smooth tiling process.

Superior Level of Service

Throughout the Porsche West London project, Trimline’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction shone through. The company not only provided top-notch tiling materials but also offered exceptional technical guidance, going the extra mile to ensure the client’s requirements were met beyond expectations. This high level of service impressed the customer, who appreciated the convenience and ease of working with a single supplier that handled all aspects of the tiling process. Trimline’s reliability, flexibility, and dedication to delivering results contributed significantly to the successful completion of the Porsche West London showroom refurbishment.

Trusted Partner

From Success to Ongoing Collaboration

The success of the Porsche West London project cemented a strong partnership between Trimline and the tiling contractor. Delighted with the outcome and the level of professionalism demonstrated by Trimline, the tiling contractor decided to continue their collaboration with the company for other high-impact projects. This continued association is a testament to the trust and confidence the client has in Trimline’s ability to consistently deliver outstanding results.