The Londoner Hotel

Waterproofing Solutions at The Londoner Boutique Hotel Project

Attention to detail

Dukkaboard System: A Client’s Favourite Choice

At the heart of Trimline’s success on The Londoner Hotel project was the Dukkaboard system. This product stood out as the client’s favourite choice, and for good reason. Its impressive 25-year warranty provided the much-needed assurance of durability and reliability. Moreover, the unique bespoke offering of the Dukkaboard product range proved to be a game-changer. It catered to the specific scheme design requirements set by the architects and, at the same time, remained cost-efficient and time-effective to install, easing the burden for both the architects and contractors.

Dukkaboard tile backer board and waterproofing system was instrumental in achieving seamless junctions. The expert team at Trimline delivered detailed drawings and specifications, including comprehensive mock-ups that helped the architects gain confidence in their specifications. With this support, the architects were able to move forward with conviction, knowing that the waterproofing system would meet their exacting standards.

Overcoming Challenges with Bespoke Solutions

No major project comes without challenges, and The Londoner Hotel was no exception. Trimline faced obstacles with drainage, which led them to design a bespoke linear drain tailored to this project’s unique needs. Adapting to changing site conditions was crucial, as different floor levels required distinct height build-ups. Thanks to Trimline’s flexibility, the team efficiently produced customized Dukkaboard shower trays within a remarkable five-day turnaround. This exceptional capability enabled the installers to remain on top of their game and deliver on client expectations, further solidifying Trimline’s reputation as a sector-leading provider.

Training and Monitoring

Collaborating closely with tiling contractor, EE Smith, Trimline took an active role in ensuring the successful installation of the Dukkaboard system. Regular training sessions were conducted to equip the tiling operatives with the necessary expertise for installation. Additionally, Trimline conducted frequent site visits to closely monitor all aspects of the installation process, ensuring precision and quality.

Environmental Commitment

In alignment with The Londoner Hotel’s commitment to environmental sustainability and its ‘Excellent’ BREEAM rating, Trimline ensured that all Dukkaboard products supplied were environmentally responsible. This dedication to sustainability underscores Trimline’s commitment to not only exceptional craftsmanship but also responsible business practices.