De Vere Gardens

Supplying High-End Tiling Solutions to Luxury Apartments Project

Streamlining the Process

Vulcaseal Water-Based Stone-Sealer: A Game-Changer for Stone Sealing

Whilst Trimline where involved in this project, the sanitary ware contractors had fitted all sanitary ware before the tiling contractor had a chance to seal the stone. Ordinarily, with a solvent based sealer this would have required covering up the taps, basins, mirrors and other sanitary ware to apply the sealer. Trimline recommended and supplied the Vulcaseal water-based sealer which could be spray applied without damaging this sanitary ware, also eliminating the need for covering. This saved 20 site labourers 7 days of work, reducing both labour and material costs.

Trimline went on site to do a test bathroom with the stone sealer and wrote full technical specifications to fix the 20 mm thick stone to walls and floors. Trimline sent stone samples to Italy for pull-off testing to ensure British standards were met. The team also submitted samples of bespoke bronze tile trim to the client, provided on-site training for stone installers, and monitored the entire installation, offering technical guidance throughout the project.

Supplying High-End Tiling Solutions

Trimline were hired as tiling suppliers for high-end, luxury apartments in De Vere Gardens, Kensington. Trimline supplied the tile adhesives, grouts and bespoke bronze tile trim profiles, to the tiling contractors for the installation of the tiles. Trimline also supplied the Vulcaseal water-based stone-sealer to give a durable lasting finish to the stone walls and floors.

Precise Logistics

Timely Deliveries to De Vere Gardens Project Site

Logistically, Trimline adhered to precise booked-in delivery times- mostly requiring tail-lift. Being central to London, the team were able to carry out cab deliveries to the project-site – in several instances, within an hour and half of order placement. Begun in late 2013, and completed in late 2015, the project was a success, and Trimline have since worked on other projects with the client.