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Trimline is a leading supplier of tiling materials and complete solutions for modular and pod fit-out, bathrooms, and kitchens in the build-to-rent construction industry. With a focus on cost-effective wall and floor tiles, tile adhesives and grouts, and waterproofing systems, Trimline provides tailored solutions for build-to-rent property development projects.

Complete Solutions for Modular and Pod Fit-Out

Trimline understands the unique requirements of modular and pod fit-out in the build-to-rent industry. They offer complete solutions that include not only tiling materials but also design support, project management, and logistics services. By partnering with Trimline, tiling contractors can streamline the procurement process and ensure timely and efficient completion of modular and pod fit-out projects, contributing to the overall success of build-to-rent developments.

Cost-Effective Wall and Floor Tiles

Trimline offers a wide selection of cost-effective wall and floor tiles specifically designed for build-to-rent property development. These tiles combine durability, aesthetics, and affordability, making them an ideal choice for large-scale projects. With various sizes, colours, and finishes available, tiling contractors can find the perfect tiles to suit the design and budget requirements of their build-to-rent projects.

Tile Adhesives and Grouts

Trimline provides a range of tile adhesives and grouts that are specifically formulated for the demanding requirements of the build-to-rent construction industry. These products ensure strong and durable tile installations, even in high-traffic areas. The adhesives offer excellent bond strength and flexibility, while the grouts provide resistance to staining and water penetration, ensuring long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing tile installations.

Waterproofing Systems for Build-to-Rent Properties

In build-to-rent projects, waterproofing is crucial to ensure the longevity and performance of bathrooms and kitchens. Trimline offers a comprehensive range of waterproofing systems that provide effective protection against water damage. These systems include waterproof membranes, sealants, and accessories that meet industry standards and regulations. By utilizing Trimline’s waterproofing solutions, tiling contractors can ensure that the bathrooms and kitchens in build-to-rent properties are well-protected from water-related issues.

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With their cost-effective wall and floor tiles, tile adhesives and grouts, and waterproofing systems, Trimline provides reliable and high-quality solutions that contribute to the success of build-to-rent property developments.

Advice & Guidance

Expert advice for perfect tiling solutions – our team’s guidance will encourage your project’s success.

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Empower yourself and your projects by taking advantage of our extensive industry experience and insight.

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Gain valuable knowledge and skills from industry experts, empowering you to tackle any tiling project with confidence.

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Our dedicated fleet ensures prompt delivery and peace of mind for your tiling projects, including a same-day London service.

Pre-build Installations

Trimline’s in-house production team delivers complete pre-built bathroom solutions ready for seamless installation.

Tailored Solutions

Our expertise spans a broad range of industries, allowing us to deliver tailored tiling solutions that meet your unique requirements.

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