Lincoln Square, 48 Carey Street

Contemporary Architecture Meets Heritage Character in London’s Prominent Residential Development

Seamless Design

Harmonizing Heritage with Contemporary Architecture

The 48 Carey Street development stands as a testament to the seamless integration of contemporary architecture into an area rich in heritage. Dexter Moren, a renowned group of architects and designers based in London, recognized the significance of Lincoln Square and its ability to showcase the harmonious blend of old and new. This project, commissioned by Lodha Developers, India’s largest residential developer, marks their first venture in the UK. Located in Holborn, London, Lincoln Square has emerged as a prominent residential development. The complex comprises 221 studios, encompassing one, two, and three-bedroom luxury apartments.

Above ground, the building spans nine floors, boasting a reinforced concrete structure adorned with an intricately crafted handset stone and aluminium façade. The lower levels of the development house essential amenities such as underground parking on basement level one, while basement level two accommodates the main plant area and a range of luxurious features, including a swimming pool, sauna, cinema room, private dining areas, and kitchens.

Choosing the right products

Complete Tiling Solution for Premium Commercial Washrooms

The Trimline tiling solution, featuring the Dukkaboard Tile Backing board and Waterproofing System, was specifically chosen for all the washrooms in the 48 Carey Street development. This comprehensive package offered a range of benefits, including waterproofing, tile backing, decoupling, and thermal insulation. In addition, the specification included Underfloor Heating and tile Adhesives, providing a complete solution for the project. The expert team at Trimline was able to respond directly to the project’s requirements for detailed bathroom and wetroom designs, offering tailored solutions that contributed to the realization of the development’s full potential. The Dukkaboard tile backing board stood out in the market due to its unique ability to work seamlessly with multiple brands and solutions. This versatility set it apart from other tile backing systems. By having a single, certified technical specification, both the architect and the installer benefited from clear advantages. This streamlined approach ensured that all the necessary components worked together harmoniously, simplifying the installation process and delivering optimal results.

Trusted Partner

Tiling Contractor Training and Partnership

Copley Ltd were appointed the tiling package for all aspects of the project, and Trimline Group provided thorough product installation training to ensure that all products are installed correctly. Regular site visits were conducted to assist the Copley group project manager in overseeing installations. It was highlighted how simple Dukkaboard system was to fit, setting it apart from other systems. The project was a success from specification through to delivery, training and installation; both clients and subcontractors were pleased with the end result as well as level of service offered at every stage of the project. This resulted in a 25-year waterproofing warranty being offered by Dukkaboard which exceeded expectations on both sides. Overall, this proved to be an incredibly successful endeavour for everyone involved.