Dolce and Gabbana

The Trusted Choice for Specialist Stone Adhesives in Dolce & Gabbana’s London Flagship Store

Expert Specification

Specialized Stone Adhesives for Exquisite Marble Flooring

The Dolce & Gabbana flagship store on Old Bond Street, London, is a stunning display of luxury and style. Spanning six levels and covering 25,000 square feet, the boutique features eye-catching black and white marble supplied by Budri in Italy. To ensure a flawless installation, the use of specialized stone adhesives was necessary for working with these prestigious natural materials.

The marble’s delicate nature required non-staining, stabilized, and low-chemical additives adhesives to avoid any discoloration. It was essential to keep the mixing water ‘locked’ within the mortar to prevent water staining, curling, or warping, ensuring a perfect finish and a risk-free installation. Additionally, the adhesives allowed for quick drying and hardening, enabling efficient progress during the installation.

Trimline’s Support

Expertise and Efficient Collaboration

Trimline’s assistance was vital due to the project’s specific requirements and tight timelines. Their chosen adhesives were easy to work with, achieving full coverage and speeding up the installation process on-site. Working closely with Budri, Trimline ensured the right tiling adhesives were delivered promptly, ensuring a smooth and efficient installation.

Customer Review

Recommending Trimline for Seamless Solutions

Ferdinando from Budri praised the collaboration with Trimline. Sourcing all materials from one supplier simplified the process, especially with Trimline’s impressive inventory and next-day delivery option. Ferdinando had a positive experience and recommended Trimline to others in the industry.

The successful partnership between Dolce & Gabbana, Budri, and Trimline demonstrated the importance of using specialized stone adhesives for marble installations. Trimline’s expertise and timely solutions played a crucial role in creating a breathtaking store that reflects the beauty of natural marble, enhancing the shopping experience and showcasing Dolce & Gabbana’s luxury brand reputation.