Shoreditch Exchange

A vibrant hub where avant-garde art and creativity flourish alongside thriving businesses and technical innovation, Shoreditch Exchange proudly embraces its unique personality.

Distinctive Personality

Classic materials & vibrant flair

Elegantly specified communal areas and careful attention to detail in every apartment instantly define the modern take on luxury within Shoreditch Exchange. Contemporary design, with bespoke furnishings and finishes, fuses with simple, classic materials and vibrant flair.

The interior of the lobby and concierge areas demonstrate elegant contemporary design at its best. The lofty ceilings and calming colours, combined with original bespoke furniture, are impeccably considered. Floor-to-ceiling windows let natural light pour in, giving the space a tranquil beauty that is both warm and inviting.

Creatively Dynamic

Dream Location

Immerse yourself in the vibrant heart of London’s creative scene. Shoreditch is the place to be for modern city living. Conveniently located, this culturally-rich borough is a stone’s throw away from the city center and effortlessly connected to the rest of London and beyond. Experience the pinnacle of urban living in Shoreditch.

Unleashing creativity and innovation

Regal London and AHMM architects present Shoreditch Exchange – a visionary regeneration project. Seamlessly blending into the vibrant local community, this architectural marvel offers a stunning ensemble of 184 new homes, inviting communal spaces, tranquil courtyards, and bustling commercial hubs. Step into a realm where urban living and working harmoniously coexist, pushing boundaries and redefining the art of city life.

A memorable backdrop

Shoreditch Exchange offer far reaching vantage points

Pyro + Echo specified and supplied a 20mm wood plank tile for use on the external terrace areas. Tasked to express the beauty of natural wood in a hard-wearing porcelain material along with a suitable slip rating, Station House Planks were chosen. Rich in history, they catch the eye with an authentic, time-worn look, allowing light to reflect with a natural softness to convey the welcoming warmth and nobility of wood. The superior R11 slip rating of this tile range guarantees that the outdoor areas are safe to use all year round.

Making future maintenance easy

The roof terrace tiles were fitted using a range of height-adjustable metal pedestals to allow full access to services below, making future maintenance easy. Paved public walkways, as well as sheltered seating and thoughtfully landscaped open spaces, create a vibrant backdrop to life at Shoreditch Exchange. By contrast, private raised courtyards and rooftop terraces provide a place for relaxation, seclusion and contemplation. Carefully curated greenery provides a sensory escape from the bustle of the streets below.

Unique architectural features

Pyro + Echo worked closely with Regal Homes and architects AHMM to supply products that not only met the technical requirements but also enhanced the development.

As flooring design experts, Pyro + Echo were able provide advice relating to slip resistance and the design process, which helped meet the clients request a for unique architectural features throughout this project.

Shoreditch Exchange is an exciting addition to an already thriving neighbourhood, in a borough that never stops evolving.