The Westlands Project: Trimline’s Exemplary Support for Tiling Needs

Trimline supplied Python tile adhesive and grout, ensuring a strong bond and seamless finish for all the tiles. To ensure the bathrooms were watertight, Dukkaboard original panels were used for full boarding, and the Dukkaboard aqua77 system provided effective waterproof tanking. The panels were enhanced with Dukkaboard recess-panels, while Dukkaboard shower-trays and channel t-drains added functionality and style to the bathrooms. Trimline’s commitment to customer satisfaction was evident in their support for the tiling contractor throughout the Westlands project. They provided next-day delivery of all products directly to the site, ensuring timely and efficient progress. Moreover, Trimline’s team made site visits to offer valuable advice and ensure correct installation practices were followed. This collaborative approach between Trimline and the tiling contractor ensured the smooth execution of the tiling work, resulting in a flawless finish.

Colin Wright, from ROK Developments, commended Trimline’s outstanding service. He shared his previous struggles with supply, delivery, and quality in a new-build project. However, upon recommendation from his estate agent, Colin approached Trimline and experienced a complete transformation. From prompt delivery of samples to collaborative design discussions, Trimline proved to be a knowledgeable and reliable partner. Colin appreciated the convenience of the “one-stop shop” approach, which allowed him to purchase tile adhesives, shower trays, and tanking materials from a single supplier, ensuring competitive pricing and eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors. Timely delivery and zero damages further solidified Colin’s satisfaction with Trimline.

Pyro + Echo Tiles supplied by Trimline

For the hallways and kitchen floor, Trimline provided the elegant Imperial Place Marble Travertino Titanium tiles in a size of 1800x900mm. These tiles exude sophistication and complement the spacious design of the property. The kitchen feature wall, as well as the lounge and bedroom floors, were adorned with the stylish Station House Plank tiles, measuring 200x1200mm. Their contemporary look adds a touch of modernity to the interior. In the master bathroom, the large-format Grand Continental Marble sheet tiles in a dark grey shade, sized 1600x3200mm, were chosen to create a striking and luxurious ambiance.

Stunning Outdoor Terraces

To extend the beauty of the property to the outdoor spaces, the patio was tiled with the durable and aesthetically pleasing Station House Plank 2cm outdoor porcelain tiles, sized 400x1200mm. The external paths, porch, copings, and front wall were adorned with the robust Stockade Cement Grey tiles, measuring 1000x1000mm.