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City Centre Apartments

Trimline is the leading supplier of tiling materials and complete solutions, catering specifically to tiling contractors in the city centre apartment construction industry, with a focus on reception areas, bathrooms, swimming pools, and roof terraces.

FORs Delivery – Streamlining Operations and Reducing Environmental Impact

Trimline understands the importance of efficient delivery in the construction industry. By employing the use of Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORs) delivery, we ensure prompt and reliable transportation of materials, optimizing contractors’ productivity and project timelines. Furthermore, our commitment to sustainable practices helps reduce the environmental impact of transportation, aligning with modern construction industry standards.

Excellent Customer Service in Logistics and Storage

At Trimline, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team provides exceptional customer service, assisting contractors with logistics and storage of goods. With our expertise in warehouse management, we offer efficient stock control, ensuring contractors have access to the required materials when needed. This streamlined approach saves contractors valuable time, allowing them to focus on their core tasks.

Delivery on Demand – Flexibility and Adaptability

Recognizing the dynamic nature of construction projects, Trimline offers delivery on demand. Our responsive supply chain system enables contractors to request deliveries as per their project schedules, preventing unnecessary storage of excess materials on-site. This flexibility not only optimizes storage space but also reduces the risk of damage or loss of materials, providing peace of mind to contractors.

Comprehensive Solutions for Specialized Areas

Trimline specializes in providing complete tiling solutions for specific areas crucial to city centre apartment construction. Our extensive range of high-quality materials, including tiles, adhesives, grouts, and sealants, is meticulously selected to meet the unique demands of reception areas, bathrooms, swimming pools, and roof terraces. With Trimline, contractors can rely on consistent quality and superior aesthetics, ensuring the successful completion of their projects.

The Trusted Partner

Quality service. Fast, dependable supply.

Our commitment to efficient delivery, exceptional customer service, flexibility, and comprehensive solutions sets us apart, empowering contractors to execute their projects seamlessly and with utmost confidence.

Advice & Guidance

Expert advice for perfect tiling solutions – our team’s guidance will encourage your project’s success.

Knowledge & Expertise

Empower yourself and your projects by taking advantage of our extensive industry experience and insight.

Training & Mentoring

Gain valuable knowledge and skills from industry experts, empowering you to tackle any tiling project with confidence.

Delivery & Distribution

Our dedicated fleet ensures prompt delivery and peace of mind for your tiling projects, including a same-day London service.

Pre-build Installations

Trimline’s in-house production team delivers complete pre-built bathroom solutions ready for seamless installation.

Tailored Solutions

Our expertise spans a broad range of industries, allowing us to deliver tailored tiling solutions that meet your unique requirements.

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Trimline stands as the preferred supplier for tiling contractors in the city centre apartment construction industry.