Top performance cleaning, sealing and protection for high end applications

Product range

Clean, seal and protect with confidence

Vulcaseal provide a range of high performance cleaning, sealing and protective products for stone, porcelain, terracotta, marble, ceramic, sandstone and cement.

Ecological standards

Vulcaseal’s products are water based, giving immense application and eco friendly advantages

Traditional solvent-based cleaners often release harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere, contributing to air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. In contrast, Vulcaseal’s water-based formula minimizes VOC emissions, promoting cleaner air and healthier environments.

Embracing water-based solutions reflects Vulcaseal’s commitment to sustainability, making it an eco-conscious choice for consumers who value environmentally responsible options without compromising high performance.

Contract supply

Contract cleaning, sealing and protective solutions

If you’re looking to talk to someone about using Vulcaseal’s solutions, speak to one of our advisers today. Trimline can advise and help with your requirements on small or large projects.

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We don’t just supply products – we specify and advise using our industry knowledge and expertise. We also run our own delivery fleet, meaning we can quickly and reliably fulfill our orders.

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Expert advice for perfect tiling solutions – our team’s guidance will encourage your project’s success.

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Gain valuable knowledge and skills from industry experts, empowering you to tackle any tiling project with confidence.

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Our dedicated fleet ensures prompt delivery and peace of mind for your tiling projects, including a same-day London service.

Pre-build Installations

Trimline’s in-house production team delivers complete pre-built bathroom solutions ready for seamless installation.

Tailored Solutions

Our expertise spans a broad range of industries, allowing us to deliver tailored tiling solutions that meet your unique requirements.

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