News|29 July 2022

Trimline Sustainability Efforts


Eoin McDaid-Digital Lead

Our lifelong commitment to the environment

Sustainability has always been important to us at Trimline, but we have decided to make it an even greater priority moving forward. We want to do our part to protect the environment and reduce our impact on the planet. This is a lifelong commitment, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve. We have already made some huge changes, such as switching to recycled materials and using more energy-efficient methods of production as well as contribuating 1% of all revenue towards Carbon Removal through our payment partner Stripe. However, we know that there is always more we can do. We will continue to look for ways to reduce our footprint and make our business more sustainable. We hope that you will join us in this effort!

Demonstrating our lifelong commitment to the protection of the environment, we have installed a solar system on the roof of our main distribution hub at The Teardrop Centre.

The 249.8 Kwp Solar Photovoltaic system installed by Perfect Sense Energy will generate over 240,000 kWh per annum. Eliminating over 84 tonnes of CO₂ output in the first year alone, this innovative solar system will prevent more than 2,100 tonnes of CO₂ emissions over a 25-year period. Alongside the unrivalled services that clients have come to know and expect from Trimline, we now hold a significant environmental advantage, contributing to our client’s future in a sustainable and positive way.

Our ability to generate clean renewable energy every day slashes our CO₂ output and reduces our reliance on grid-fed power. We are now able to measure our energy generation and consumption on-site, assisting our organisation in the measurement of its sustainability efforts. Energy consumption is rationalised in all company buildings. All lighting is energy efficient and LED with movement lux sensors installed wherever possible


Trimline Warehouse Solar Panels

Tackling waste management

In order to tackle global challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution, it’s essential to manage waste efficiently. Moving towards a circular
economy is a solution to eliminate waste, circulate products and materials and regenerate nature. Trimline strives to ensure renewable, reusable, non-toxic resources are utilised as materials and energy in an efficient way.  We have an effective recycling programme in all of our premises, including a scheme to encourage re-use of samples rather than disposal.

We use cardboard with a high percentage of recycled content for dispatch and product packaging. Here at Trimline, we believe that preventing products from spoilage and waste is a crucial step in environmental responsibility. Company advertising and marketing materials are produced by FSC + PEFC accredited printers.

Dedicated to reducing our vehicle emissions

Trimline operates several different vehicle types to ensure that we meet all our customers’ needs and expectations. Providing jobs for more than 60 people, Trimline’s operations department ships more than fifty tons of products each day. In order to reduce our carbon emissions, all of our vehicles are compliant with Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) standards required for vehicles operating within London’s North and South Circular Roads.

All Trimline vehicles utilise a route optimisation system, ensuring vehicles always take the most efficient journey possible, resulting in reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions. Trimline also operates under the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme accreditation, currently holding the bronze standard. This voluntary accreditation scheme aims to achieve exemplary levels of best practice in safety, efficiency and environmental protection in fleet operations.

Trimline Fleet

Trimline Fleet


Eoin McDaid

Digital Lead

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