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Mapei Underfloor Heating System Mapeheat


Eoin McDaid-Digital Lead

Mapeheat is The industry’s most comprehensive line of radiant floor-heating products.
Homeowners looking for a satisfying way to heat their home and the versatility of customizing projects can now find what they need with Trimline Group’s latest selection of Mapei Mapeheat Floor Heating system.

This state-of-the-art heating solution offers an expansive range of products, including membranes, mats, cables, meshes as well as programmable thermostats and extras – so you can bring your vision to life! With its design flexibility this floor heating technology is perfect setting up around curved surfaces or areas that may contain obstructions like vents; allowing installers the ability customize each layout quickly and easily, ensuring no energy is wasted.

Mapeheat products incorporate technology from nVent NUHEAT, which combines the knowledge of two industry powerhouses into one comprehensive product line.

Mapei Mapeheat Cable

Mapeheat Cable

Radiant-Heating Cable for Use with Mapeheat Membrane

Free-form, twisted-pair, floor-heating cable for use in any residential interior room where the comfort of radiant floor heating is desired.

  • Easy to install
  • Zero EMF cable design
  • Suitable for wet environments, such as showers and steam rooms
  • 12-year limited warranty
Mapei Mapeheat Nembrane

Mapeheat Membrane

Mapeheat Membrane is a lightweight uncoupling, anti-fracture and waterproofing membrane for electrical underfloor heating.

  • Provides vapour management and load support
  • Designed to speed up the installation of tile and stone in interior room
  • Suitable for use under ceramic, porcelain and natural stone titles
  • Recommended for use with polymer-modified adhesives
  • Minimal roll memory for faster installation
Mapei Mapeheat Mesh

Mapeheat Mesh

Mapeheat Mesh is a self-adhesive, pre-wired, floor-heating mesh that can be adhered onto the subfloor during the layout process.

Its compatibility with all subfloor types and its low profile (3/16” or 4.5 mm) make it ideal for renovation projects.

  • Easy to install under ceramic and porcelain tiles and natural stone floors
  • Low profile of 4.5 mm makes it ideal for renovation projects
  • Use with a self-leveller (recommended) or a polymer-modified adhesive

The innovative new system is the perfect choice for any commercial or residential application; its rapid-fit solution provides energy savings, and its slim design with waterproof construction allows an easy fit anywhere – from a brand new build to a remodeling project. Plus, it can be used in kitchens, bathrooms and even steam rooms!

Mapeheat Membrane is revolutionizing tiling. The patented membrane, only 5.5mm thick and with minimal roll memory, can be quickly secured into reliefs – eliminating the need for an additional plywood base or concrete board in most installations while locking its cabling system at a snap of effortless installation. Not to mention, it also protects against fractures up to 3mm wide! Mapeheat Membrane offers customers speed as well as safety when completing tile jobs.
Mapeheat Cable is the perfect solution for those looking to heat their home in an efficient and comfortable way. With eight sizes available, ranging from 14.5m-98m – this unique twin coil floor heating cable can be tailored precisely to any space, with no area too small or large! It not only offers a zero electromagnetic field design but also has ultra-thin cold leads which make installation into existing Mapeheat membranes quick and straightforward.
Mapeheat Mesh is the perfect solution for both small and large spaces alike, providing maximum versatility with its 4.5mm thin layer that can be rolled out to fit any size room! With two wattages dependent upon your flooring choice, it’s easy to install by simply applying adhesive or self-levelling compound – leaving hassle free installation without having to worry about the placement of heating cable thanks to three mesh bands keeping consistent spacing.

If you have any questions about this system or any other tiling system we offer here at Trimline feel free to email us or pick up the phone and speak with one of our experts.

Mapei Thermostats

Mapeheat Thermo Basic

Digital timer thermostat equipped with a large digital display and intuitive software for optimal ease of use.

  • Clear big Dot Matrix LCD display
  • Energy monitoring & saving adaptive functions
  • See & set the temperature or the actual temperature on the screen
  • Intuitive wizard-based first-time set-up of the thermostat
  • Manufacturers limited 2-year warranty
  • Contains a switch gear frame, 1 square front plate, floor sensor & installation manual

Mapeheat Thermo Connect

Programmable WiFi-enabled Smart Thermostat for floor heating systems

  • Swipe and touch navigation
  • Monitor, control and program via smart phone app
  • Flat front with full colour capacitive touchscreen
  • 7 Operating modes
  • Energy monitoring & saving adaptive functions
  • Manufacturers limited 2 year warranty
  • Contains an optional Front Plate, floor sensor & installation manual

Mapeheat Thermo Touch

7 day programmable in-wall mounted gloss finish, floor heating thermostat.

  • Large clear display
  • Intelligent leaf button
  • Built-in 4 event timer function
  • 2 operation modes
  • Easy navigation
  • Manufacturers limited 2 year warranty
  • Contains an adaption frame, floor sensor & installation manual

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