News|01 July 2020

Solar Panels Installed At Trimline HQ


Eoin McDaid-Digital Lead

We are renowned for being blue, but we are going green!

Demonstrating our green credentials and our ongoing commitment to the protection of the environment, we have installed a solar system on the roof of our main distribution hub, The Teardrop Centre.

The 249.8 Kwp Solar Photovoltaic system will generate over 240,000 kWh per annum. This will save over 84 tonnes of CO2 output in the first year alone, and 2,100 tonnes over a 25 year period.

This demonstrates our forward-thinking and reduces our carbon footprint, meaning sustainability remains at the heart at the heart of our business.

Alongside the unrivaled services that clients have come to know and expect from Trimline, we now hold a significant environmental advantage, contributing to our client’s futures in a sustainable and positive way. A smarter and greener service is a benefit to everyone.

Speaking with Bruce Hazell, the original founder of the company some 40 years ago, he commented that “Our ability to generate clean renewable energy every day, slashes our CO2 output and reduces our reliance on grid fed power. We are now able to measure our energy generation and consumption on site. Choosing solar power made perfect sense for us from both sustainability and financial perspectives.”

The installation was recently completed by Perfect Sense Energy who continue to deliver solar and other energy-saving solutions, to businesses throughout the United Kingdom.


Eoin McDaid

Digital Lead

Trimline's Digital Lead since 2021, Eoin adeptly enhances online presence. Overseeing websites, social media, and digital marketing, he drives remarkable outcomes.