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Increase The Life Of Your Wall & Floor Tiles With Vulcaseal


Eoin McDaid-Digital Lead

Vulcaseal provides a range of high-performance cleaning, sealing and protective products for stone, porcelain, terracotta, marble, ceramic, sandstone and cement. The Vulcaseal Professional Range holds top-performance chemicals that have been developed for large industrial and high-end applications. All Vulcaseal products are water-based, giving immense application and eco-friendly advantages – Formulated to the strictest of ecological standards.

Vulcaseal Clean

Powerful cleaners that have been designed to effectively combat almost every type of soiling, from limescale to deep grease removal and much more.

  • Intensive Deep Cleaner
  • Cement, Grout & Salt Remover
Vulcaseal Maintain

Vulcaseal Maintain

Effective maintenance products to keep stone and tiles as new and up to standard.

  • Multipurpose Maintenance Cleaner
Vulcaseal Protect

Vulcaseal Protect

Vulcaseal’s protection products provide outstanding and long-lasting results. Designed to resist the penetration of strong, damaging including oil and wine that cause deep staining.

Keep your tiles in new condition for longer with our O&M Manual

When it comes to maintaining beautiful porcelain and ceramic floor and wall tiles, Pyro+Echo’s preferred maintenance system: is Vulcaseal. With Vulcaseal, you can ensure that your tiles stay looking their best for years to come.

The range includes a comprehensive selection of products that are designed to protect your tiles from wear and tear, as well as helping them stay looking pristine for longer. Each product in this range has been carefully developed to ensure maximum protection.

With regular upkeep using this method, you can keep those beautiful Pyro+Echo Tiles looking brand new year after year – so don’t forget to give them some love by investing in quality aftercare with Vulcaseal!

View O&M Manual: Here


We have answered some FAQs we regularly receive below.

When To Clean Your Tiles After Install

After initial installation of your tiles and grout, you’ll want to let them set for a day or two before giving it a deep clean. After that, how often you choose to do this will come down to personal preference – especially when considering the wear-and-tear on flooring versus wall tiles. To ensure they remain shiny and pristine though, experts recommend cleaning every 1-2 weeks!

Protect Tile From Scratches

Keep your floor sparkling by giving it a good clean every week – this will reduce the chance of any abrasive materials causing scratches to its tiles. Don’t forget too, to seal up those grout lines so that no debris can work its way into them and lead to an unsightly score across their surface; especially in high traffic areas such as kitchen or bathrooms!

Keep Your Tiles Looking New

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are naturally resilient to most substances, but applying a sealant helps create an extra-durable barrier that defends them against water, oil or grease for enhanced long-term protection.


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