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Swimming Pools – A Product Specification Guide


Eoin McDaid-Digital Lead

How it Works Making your ideas a reality

From award-winning spas and wellness swimming pools to high-end private pools, we can help you deliver stunning results every time. Whether you’re looking for a new luxury outdoor swimming pool or an indoor spa with the finest attention to detail – get in touch with our expert team to find out how we can help you achieve your swimming pool dreams today.

We believe that the design phase is the most important part of the swimming pool project, as this is where we begin to truly understand our client’s vision. We take pride in understanding our client’s requirements and bringing their ideas to life by designing a beautiful product of the highest quality with superb technical functionality.

As well as being a stunning feature to be admired, a swimming pool is a powerful and complex system that requires precise engineering. We offer the highest quality products across the entire process using high performance rendering and luxury tiling finishes to suit a variety of construction methodologies and design schemas selected to best suit the individual needs of your project, in the final aim to getting every detail perfect for a fun and long standing space.

Floor Screed

Floor Screed - Validus Celcem + Sand

A hydraulic binder for aggregates, with a special formulation of cements and synthetic additives.

Wall Render

Wall Render - Validus Trulla

Thixotropic fast-setting smoothing render for walls and floors. Used for straightening and trueing of uneven masonry walls, ceilings and floor areas, in preparation for waterproofing or tiling.

Wall Tanking

Wall Tanking - Dukkaboard Tec-Seal Pro

A thin highly flexible, liquid waterproofing single component self-curing liquid rubber polymer equipped with Microbanˇ antimicrobial technology that forms a flexible, seamless waterproofing membrane, that bonds directly to a wide variety of substrates

Tile Adhesive

Tile Adhesive - Validus Velox + Sero

Validus Velox is a multipurpose, flexible fast set adhesive, particularly suited to the rapid and secure installation of large format rectified porcelain

Validus Sero is a specially-formulated thixotropic cement-based powder adhesive with aggregates and high-performance resin-based additives.

How it Works The Technical Bit

Specialist knowledge is required to meet all current demands on baths and wellness areas and extreme applications like swimming pools with permanent water pressure from inside. That has an impact on the technical design, of course also on the professional sealing and installation of ceramics and natural stone coverings, and requires important planning: standards and guidelines, moisture exposure class, pool construction, initial start-up and cleaning, etc.

Our techincal knowledge supports the planning and execution with a comprehensive range of user-friendly products and detailed system brochures – solutions that provide the highest possible security for building owners, planners and installers

Swimming Pool Materials

Swimming Pool Materials Build Up

We can offer you a whole range of benefits including technically superior products and brands, the best value around and access to dedicated, knowledgeable consultants


Before starting with tiling installation in swimming pools, a chemical water analysis to determine the type of water to be used in the pool is needed in order to make the right choice of building materials.

The position and dimension of the various expansion and construction joints must be decided and unavoidable joints must be sealed by embedding. It is important to ensure the waterproofing measures are based on predefined moisture exposure classes. Before taking further steps, check that the screed and substrate are sufficiently dry


When waterproofing swimming pools, it is crucial to comply with the regulations for swimming pool construction. The products to be used require confirmation of suitability and certification as a system provided through a national test certificate issued by the building authorities. Alternatively, a European Technical Approval (ETA) can provide confirmation of suitability. Trimline offers certified systems of liquid applied water impermeable products for use under ceramic tiles bonded with adhesives proven success for waterproofing concrete pools


In swimming pool construction, much depends on the proper choice of materials. This applies particularly to the waterproofing systems and the products for tile installation, which need a general appraisal certificate by the national building authorities or ETA. We can guide through the design and supply of products that guarantee safe and high quality certified system solutions that can meet the full range of requirements for the pool itself, the wet rooms, and the dry areas


After mixing, the grout can be applied directly from the mixing container with a trowel. The grout is spread with a hard rubber float if used on walls and floors. Use the float to press the grout into the joints until filled void free and flush with the tile surface. After that, excess grout is removed from the tile surface by using the edge of the float held at a 90 angle. Stroke diagonally to remove as much grout as possible from the surface without pulling grout out the filled joints. In order to obtain a uniform, aesthetic appearance and allow easy cleaning, the joints should be left to mature, or firm up after grouting.

A recent swimming pool project for a private residential celebrity property in which Pyro + Echo provided the mosaic tile supply, resulting in the successful completion of a visually stunning and functional pool.

See full project: HERE


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