Code: Mapei Mapeheat Mesh

Mapei Mapeheat Mesh

Mapeheat Mesh is a self-adhesive, pre-wired, floor-heating mesh that can be adhered onto the subfloor during the layout process. 

Its compatibility with all subfloor types and its low profile (3/16” or 4.5 mm) make it ideal for renovation projects. 

  • Easy to install under ceramic and porcelain tiles and natural stone floors
  • Low profile of 4.5 mm makes it ideal for renovation projects
  • Cable is attached to the self-adhesive mesh layer by three mesh bands helping maintain consistent spacing of the cable while allowing easy removal of the cable during installation in hard-to-reach areas
  • Zero EMF cable design
  • Use with a self-leveller (recommended) or a polymer-modified adhesive
  • Can be configured on site to fit any room
  • Suitable for wet environments such as showers and steam rooms
  • Low-profile cold lead and splice joint

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