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The Buyers Guide To Tile Trims


Eoin McDaid-Digital Lead

If you’re dabbling in some DIY tiling – or even just thinking about it – you’ll need to consider tile trims. They’re essential for achieving seamless joints and creating the flush finish you want from your tiling job. Tile trims don’t just complete the look though; they protect the edges, in turn enhancing the durability and longevity of your tiles.

Available in a variety of styles, colours and materials, the choice of tile trims available as a buyer can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve created a simple buyer’s guide to tile trims: so you know exactly what you need and can get down to the job quicker.

This blog features the highest quality products from tile trim masters, Atrim.

What is a tile trim?

Tile trims are used to protect the exposed edges of a tiled area. They provide a perfect finished and professional look, all whilst preserving the tiles against any damage. By covering sharp edges, tile trims are also a safety measure and reduce the risk of injury.

What size tile trim do I need?

As a general rule, we recommend going one size up. Ideally, that means you’ll have a couple of millimetres to accommodate the thickness of the adhesive used to secure the tile.

How to choose the right tile trim

So, you’ve selected the perfect tiles and now you’re ready to install them. Depending on the style and desired finish, you have a range of options of tile trims to choose from. Tile trims come in a wide variety of colours and materials, so make sure you’re making the right aesthetic choice to complement your tile style.

PVC straight edge tile trim

Straight Edge Tile Trims

For a standard straight edge tile trim, you can choose from a range of materials such as aluminium, PVC, stainless steel and brass, depending on the style and budget of your project. The Atrim PVC Straight Edge Trim (pictured above) is the economical choice, providing low-cost tile protection in a range of colours.

Round Edge Tile Trims

Round edge tile trims have a soft, curved profile that provides a protective solution for external edges and corners. They’re available in a range of decorative finishes, colours and materials such as stainless steel, titanium and PVC. The Atrim Stainless Steel Round Edge is perfect for a soft, aesthetic finish to your tiling project.

Bath Trim

Bath Trim

Designed to provide a watertight seal between a bath and tile wall surface, bath trims are an essential component of any successful bathroom tiling project. Installed either underneath or over the tiles, bath trims prevent water and condensation from dripping behind baths, shower trays or vanity units. The Atrim Undertile Bath trim (pictured above) demonstrates the sleek and professional finish that bath trims provide.

Transition Trims

If you’re fitting a tile flooring area, then you might need to install a transition trim for a smooth transition between floor coverings of different heights or materials. This trim will act as a buffer and a ramp between the two surfaces. The sloping section prevents any trip hazards and protects both tiles and the adjacent floor coverings, as seen in the Atrim Aluminium Transition Profile (pictured above).

Listello Tile Trim

Listello Tile Trim

If you’re looking to add a stylish element to your tile installation, then a listello trim like the Atrim Brass Flat Bar (pictured above) is the perfect addition. This slender dividing feature or border strip is an ideal accent for wall and floor tiles. The polished top edge gives a lustrous and decorative finish. Available in a range of finishes and colours, a listello trim is ideal for accentuating a more luxury tile application.

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