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How To Choose The Perfect Tile Trim Colour


Eoin McDaid-Digital Lead

As with all interior design projects: the small details often combine to deliver a cohesive, finished look. Tiling is no exception – trims, edging and grout colours all have a profound effect on the final result of any tiling job. Whether you’re opting for a sleek metallic edge, or perhaps a more daring modern matte finish, it’s important to select a tile trim colour to really enhance the aesthetic of your tiles.

The possibilities with tile trim colours are endless. From lustrous metallic accents to bespoke colour-matched trims for a custom-made finish: there’s a tile trim colour that will deliver the ideal finish for you. What’s more, tile trims don’t just complete the look: they provide vital protection against wear and tear, preventing damage and extending the lifespan of your tiles.

Metallic Accent Tile Trims

One of the most popular choices for tile trims is a polished metallic. Setting off your work with a radiant, dazzling edge is the perfect way to achieve that high-quality finish people expect from a top-notch tiling job. For a seamless transition and powerful visual impact, opt for warm or cool tones depending on the colour of your tiles and surrounding decor.

Warm Tone Tile Trims

If you’re tiling an area that has a warm colour palette: think burnt oranges, mustards, moody greens and deep wood tones, then a warm metallic tile trim will complement your colour scheme. Set off your tiles with the radiant Atrim Sandstone tile trim for a brighter finish, or opt for something a little more classic and deep like the Listello Brass Flat Bar or the Atrim Copper Coated tile trim for rich, golden hues.

Cool Tone Tile Trims

As grey continues to dominate interior design trends, cool metallic tile trims are the perfect way to elevate a clean, cool colour palette in a tiled area. There’s no doubt that a lustrous, silvery tile trim is the perfect way to set off those on-trend blues, greens, greys and cooler colour palettes of the moment. For a more sheer finish, the Atrim Limestone Coated Effect is a bright and bold way to finish your tiling project. If you’re something a little deeper and darker, then the Atrim Basalt Coated Effect is super versatile and looks stunning against a wide array of cool tones colour palettes.

Modern Matte Tile Trims

When matte black kitchen and bathroom fixtures first came into play, many dismissed it as a fleeting trend that wouldn’t last. But the demand for both matte black and matte white hardware and trims is on the rise. Adored by minimalists, matte tile trims deliver a bold, modern accent to tiling projects and provide an ultra-sharp, contemporary finish. Paired against a bright, bold colour palette or perfect for setting off neutrals, matte tile trims are set to be a lasting design trend. Check out Atrim Matte Black and Atrim Matte White for the ultimate, coated-effect aluminium profile that delivers matte-chic in abundance.

Go Gloss

If white or black is what you’re looking for, then a gloss finish is a sumptuous choice that provides sleek, high-end results. Perfect when paired with gloss metro tiles, adding that glossy edge for a cohesive, blended finish. Atrim’s Gloss White and Gloss Black tile trims are available in both PVC and aluminium options, depending on your preferred material.

Colour Match Tile Trims

If you’re after a more bespoke finish, then the Atrim colour match service that Trimline offers is a perfect way to lend individuality to your interior space. The Atrim powder coating offers complete creative freedom when it comes to tile trim colours, so you can enjoy a perfect match with any accessory, grout or tile shade. Alternatively, you can customise an accent colour to build contrast and depth to the tiling project. The innovative powder coat is applicable to aluminium and stainless steel profiles and can be matched to any number in the classic RAL guide. To customise your very own tile trim colour, get in touch with the Trimline Technical Team for more information.

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