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Lithofin Range

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  1. Lithofin Resin-Ex - 1kg
    A Specialist Professional Product. Removes residues of epoxy grout, brush-in systems, similar organic substances such as resins, sealants, oil and grease deposits, paint (graffiti), adhesives, plastic residues, etc. Suitable for ceramic and quarry tiles and rough natural and artificial stones. Learn More
  2. Lithofin Bero Cleaner - 1l
    Lithofin BERO removes rust and rust discolouration and is also suitable for removing cement residues from iron containing natural stones. Learn More
  3. Lithofin MN Outdoor Cleaner - 1l
    Removes stubborn green and dark layers of dirt, as well as plant stains caused by trees or flowers, from flagstones, paviers, walls, paths etc. All natural and cast concrete surfaces become clean and bright. Learn More
  4. Lithofin Oil-Ex - 250ml
    Oil stain remover. Removes stubborn grease and deep oil stains from natural and engineered stone. Learn More
  5. Lithofin Rust-EX - 500ml
    Removes all kinds of rust stains from tiles; suitable for ceramics, natural and concrete stone. Learn More
  6. Lithofin MN Builders Clean - 1l
    Cleans granite, gneiss, quartzite and other natural and artificial stones. Removes cement film, encrusted dirt residues, blooms, rust and rust discolourations. Learn More
  7. Lithofin KF Tile Restorer - 1l
    For thorough cleaning of victorian and ceramic surfaces which are particularly ingrained with dirt and obstinate stains. Learn More
  8. Lithofin KF Limescale Away  - 500ml
    Dissolves limescale, water spots and similar deposits quickly and effectively. Suitable for ceramic and porcelain tiles, sanitary fittings, water taps, shower heads and kettles, etc. Learn More
  9. Lithofin KF Ceramic Clean - 1l
    For regular maintenance care in bathrooms, showers and toilets as well as kitchen areas, produces both shine and hygienic cleanliness. Removes surface residues such as calcium and limescale, dirt/rust deposits and soap scum. Suitable for ceramic tiles, grouting, chrome, stainless steel etc. Learn More
  10. Lithofin KF Grout Cleaner - 500ml
    Restores the colour and appearance of grout lines around ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles. Removes grease, oil and dirt deposits from joints in kitchens and bathrooms and leaves them hygienically clean and fresh. Learn More