The 9 eco-friendly advanced research and development laboratories within the futuristic Kerakoll GreenLab represent the world’s most advanced technology centre for the study and development of new materials for GreenBuilding.

The new Biogel® gel adhesives, was a challenge won by the GreenBuilding engineers at Kerakoll’s GreenLab for professional installers.

Using Gel-technology®, Kerakoll has opened a new frontier in Research Technology, able to investigate how natural ingredients actually behave and formulate innovative adhesives that behave like a gel.

C2 Cement Based Adhesive BioGel Adhesive
Thickens quickly in the bucket It doesn’t thicken, and it keeps in the bucket just the way you made it for long periods
You have to make a stiff mix to make sure it doesn’t shrink Make the mix however you want it, because it never shrinks
The mix is stiff and more difficult to work with The mix is soft so you can work better with less effort
Sets quickly and doesn’t wet the tile thoroughly The thixotropic and liquid consistency wets the entire tile, even after a long time
Performance varies from one adhesive to another, and it’s hard to make the right choice Performance is always superior and it works for everything and on everything

The 1st Multipurpose Gel Adhesives

Biogel® gel adhesives are the first and only single products because they work with everything and on everything including Concrete, Ceramic Tiles, Cement Based Screed, Timber, Metal, PVC.

"Every day I find new and difficult substrates and materials to be laid. Biogel® No Limits® and Biogel® Revolution® are multipurpose and are the only products that solve any laying problem on any site. Every time."

The 1st Gel Adhesives that maintain their shape

Biogel® gel adhesives are thixotropic, smooth, and light at any thickness. Works easily even on walls, with no tile slippage.

Thixotropic and liquid mix that supports the tile and doesn’t shrink

"I was tired of stiff mixes to support the tiles. With Biogel® NoLimits® and Biogel® Revolution® I found a new thixotropic and liquid consistency that lets me work better and more safely."

The 1st Gel Adhesives with full wettability 

Biogel® gel adhesives guarantee maximum adhesion through full wettability of the tile under any conditions.

"Biogel® No Limits® and Biogel® Revolution® are different because they easily wet the whole tile and substrate. This way I’m always sure, even in the toughest situations on any job site."

The 1st Structural Gel Adhesives

Biogel® No Limits® and Biogel® Revolution® structurally bond the substrate to the tile thanks to the Kerakoll geo-binder, and guarantee long-lasting adhesion over time.

"Biogel® No Limits® and Biogel® Revolution® don’t detach from tiles or substrates even when they are heavily stressed. So there’s never any doubt about my work."

The 1st Gel Adhesives with guaranteed flexibility

Biogel® gel adhesives stand up to stresses on the most deformable substrates thanks to the excellent shear strength of the exclusive new low-environmental impact resins.

"I don’t like using highly deformable adhesives because they aren’t very workable. Biogel® No Limits® and Biogel® Revolution® are the only single-component products that can give me a guarantee even on unstable substrates, without sacrificing its improved workability."

Biogel® gel adhesives are the only ones that ensure structural adherence that bonds all types of materials to all substrates and for any type of use. 

Are you ready to work better? With Biogel Adhesives you can!