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I​ntroducing Kerakoll Fugabella Color
Ben White 2 months ago Adhesives, Grouts & Levellers,News 0 452

I​ntroducing Kerakoll Fugabella Color

Introducing Fugabella Color.

Kerakoll's GreenLab research laboratories have created Fugabella Color, the new generation of hybrid joints based on Resina-cemento technology for the decorative grouting of ceramic, porcelain tiles, mosaics and natural stone.

Fugabella Color is available in 50 contemporary colours of great elegance and aesthetic effect, characterised by unique depth, brightness and solidity. Fugabella Color eradicates efflorescences and guarantees beautiful joints forever.

Kerakoll state that: The unmistakable style of designer Piero Lissoni can be seen in the new colour palette, with its contemporary feel.

Fugabella Color and Silicone Color are a new range of bio-friendly coloured grouts available in 50 colours, in line with the most refined contemporary colour trends, designed for those wishing to give quality, guaranteed results and timeless elegance to their interior design projects.

The ability to create continuous ceramic surfaces by means of imperceptible joints means the design possibilities are practically endless.

From the most minimalist style to the most over­ stated elegance, the wide choice of colours, the chromatic continuity or the combination of different hues, together with the attention to detail, blend to highlight the extreme elegance of the Fugabella Color and Silicone Color project.

With its sober, refined style, this colour palette derives from the impeccable taste that characterises the aesthetic choices of the designer and architect Piero Lissoni.

From delicate neutrals to suffused pastel shades, from rich, intense shades to the deepest tones: each of the 50 colours in the collection has been designed with care to guarantee maximum aesthetic effect.

The absence of excessively bright or vivid colours leaves room for a very measured balance of colours, in which elegance, freshness, modernity and international taste are expressed to the maximum.

To find out more ask a member of the Customer Service Team for further information or view the product online here.

Ben WhiteMarketing Manager, Trimline Group

I’m truly passionate about my work. While I enjoy all aspects of my job, I think my favourite stage of a project is seeing the final results. A keen traveller, you'll always find me coming from or going to the next place!

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