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Dukkaboard XL Panels & Accessories

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  1. Dukkaboard XL Scoring Knife
    Tungsten carbide tipped cutting knife for rapid and accurate cuts. Professional grade. Tungsten coated. Learn More
  2. Dukkaboard XL PU Adhesive
    Dukkaboard XL adhesive is a polyurethane moisture-curing adhesive that is impervious once fully cured. Bonds to most common building materials including timber and concrete. Expands slightly on application / filling small gaps to increase bond strength. Learn More
  3. Dukkaboard XL Primer
    Dukkaboard XL Primer is a water based surface isolation treatment product, that develops an isolating, cohesive film, which neutralises the expansive chemical reaction of gypsum and anhydrite substrates in contact with mineral mortars and adhesives. Ideal for timber and particularly suitable for plaster based substrates. Solvent free. Suitable for use with heated substrates. Learn More
  4. Dukkaboard XL Screws
    Self countersinking zinc plated screws for the quick and easy installation of Dukkaboard XL panels. Box Qty: 500. Learn More
  5. Dukkaboard XL Panel - 1200x600mm
    Dukkaboard XL Panel is a premium quality cement board ideal for over boarding chipboard, concrete and stable timber floors. Provides a perfect substrate for all tile finishes including the heaviest of natural stone. Learn More