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Dukkaboard Aqua 77

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  1. Dukkaboard Aqua77 Waterproofing Kit
    Aqua77 Waterproofing Kit provides everything you need for a complete waterproof solution up to 6m² (1m² of floor and 5m² of wall). Products included in the kit are: Neo-Flex 5kg, Pro-Tile Primer 1kg, Fleece+ 10cm x 25m, Fleece+ section, Fleece+ Internal Corner & Paint brush. Learn More
  2. Dukkaboard Aqua77 Fleece+ Corner
    Used to waterproof junctions where the walls meet the floor in the corner of a room. Learn More
  3. Dukkaboard Aqua77 Pro-Tile Primer
    A water based surface isolation treatment product, that develops an isolating, cohesive film, which neutralises the expansive chemical reaction of gypsum and anhydrite substrates in contact with mineral mortars and adhesives. Solvent free. Suitable for use with heated substrates. Learn More
  4. Dukkaboard Aqua77 Neo-Flex
    A flexible liquid tanking membrane for waterproofing substrates or joints between Dukkaboard Panels when used in conjunction with Aqua77 Fleece+. Water-based and eco-friendly, Aqua77 will provide total water-resistance in areas such as bathrooms, showers and wet-rooms. Striking colour for indication of completeness of coverage. For internal use only. Learn More
  5. Dukkaboard Aqua77 Fleece+ Manchet
    For waterproofing a wall or floor surface where a pipe penetrates the substrate and tiled surface. Learn More
  6. Dukkaboard Aqua77 Fleece+
    Aqua77 Fleece+ is an artificial fibre matting used as a carrying layer between Neo-Flex coats for creating a waterproof layer and sealing joints. Learn More
  7. Dukkaboard Aqua77 Fleece+ Custom Manchet
    Used to create custom shapes or sizes when waterproofing a wall or floor surface, e.g where a pipe penetrates the substrate and tile surface. Learn More
  8. Dukkaboard Aqua77 Tanking Kit
    The Dukkaboard Aqua77 Tanking Kit is specifically designed for waterproofing bathrooms and wet-rooms up to 10sqm. It is perfect for the DIY user. Learn More