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Movement Mattings

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  1. Kerakoll Idrobuild Tex
    Reinforced anti-cracking sheet. Suitable to even-out tensile and sheer movements between the substrate and the surface finish. Suitable for use as an anti-cracking product for tongue-and-groove hardwood floors on critical substrates. Learn More
  2. Atrim Isomat
    Crack bridging, decoupling membrane. Suitable for use on most substrates including timber floors and concrete. Superior protection against problem substrates. Innovative design, rot proof and durable. Learn More
  3. Atrim Decomat
    A one-step underlayment system and multi-purpose movement matting for floor tiling. Innovative design, very durable, lightweight and easy to fit. Suitable for use on most substrates including timber or cracked concrete floors. Can be stuck down with standard flexible tile adhesive. Designed to cope with multidirectional lateral substrate movement. Learn More
  4. Schluter Ditra Matting
    Decoupling movement matting for floor tiling. Suitable for use on most substrates including timber, metal, green concrete and screeds. Designed to cope with the multidirectional lateral substrate movement and provides a stable base for tiling for natural stone and tiles. Summary of functions: Uncoupling, Waterproofing, Equalisation of vapour pressure and Load distribution (load impact). Learn More
  5. QMat Movement Matting - 30m
    A multi functional matting system, with its 3-layer construction, offers much more than decoupling. With its crack-bridging properties and optimised shearing force protection, it allows new tiles to be laid on old and damaged tiled floors, provided that these are still load-bearing. For fresh screed, tiles can be laid immediately as soon as the screed can be walked on. Quick and straightforward to install and offering maximum installation reliability. Ideal for renovation projects and for laying on mineral sub surfaces which are not quite dry. Learn More